"Who you are tomorrow begins with what you do today."

– Tim Fargo

Launch Girl Tonya Abna

Senior UI/UX Designer and Front-End Web Developer living in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex

Why Launch Girl?

Because launching websites is my passion.

I love designing and building a website from the ground up, giving it a strong foundation with everything it needs to launch successfully, provide a rich and worthwhile user experience, and grow and adapt over time to meet and exceed the audience's ever-evolving needs.

My Launch Checklist

I thoroughly plan, build, and test the content, design, and functionality of each site I create for quality, performance, usability, and purpose.

My guiding principles for each site I launch are to make sure the site is:

  • Cross-Browser
  • Cross-Platform
  • Standards-Driven
  • Responsive
  • User-Friendly
  • Accessible
  • Reliable
  • Scalable


My Kung-Fu is Strong

I've been creating websites and doing design professionally for over 20 years.


What I do »


How I do it »


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How I learned it »

The links above have a lot more detail, and everything on this site is styled to be printer-friendly, but just in case you want a plain-jane, black-and-white, standard printed resume, I've got you covered: Tonya Abna's Resume PDF


Websites That Don't Suck

I've done a hefty amount of work in the past 20 years or so.
In the slides below are just a few select glimpses of some of my past projects.

One of my latest projects, the ever-evolving Launch Girl site.

One of my favorite projects – a responsive, ajax-driven video service.

Lately I've been doing a variety of responsive, parallax animated websites.

Doing personal sites for friends gives me a chance to try new techniques.

I've contributed to several smart phone and tablet apps and mobile sites.

Doing site designs and graphics for rock bands is always fun.

I also 'do more good', working on sites for the Salvation Army and other causes.

I love doing a suite of sites that have similar, but distinct designs, like these.

I've done lots of sites for energy companies.

Lots and lots of energy companies.

And lots of sites for travel companies.

Many of the sites I work on are secure sites, often called 'back offices'.

Practically every client I've worked on had at least one of these back office sites.

I've done lots of sites for small businesses in the past.

I've worked on a ton of government sites of various types.

And I've worked on a whole mish-mash of other types of sites.

More detail on the web, print, and multimedia projects I've completed can be found in my portfolio. Over 300 projects for over 90 clients are included in the growing list, which can be filtered by employer, industry, tasks completed, and more.

For a more focused view, you can also filter the list to show just my favorites, a selection of the projects that I'm the most proud of, for various reasons.


Will Decorate Easter Eggs for Food

I am currently working full-time, but occasionally take on new projects in my spare time. If you would like to discuss a freelance project relevant to my current skill set and experience, please email me:

Tonya Abna